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As a member of Laborers Local 1290,  Taylor knows what it takes to get things done. Taylor is a lifelong Kansan and graduate of Kansas State University from a working class family in Junction City, Kansas. Taylor now lives in Kansas City with his wife and three cats. 

Outside of work Taylor is a community activist, organizer, and member of the Wyandotte County Young Democrats. Taylor has walked dozens of picket lines across 3 states. Taylor plans to spend the rest of the Spring and Summer continuing to connect with voters across the district and listen to their top priorities. 

The Kansas’ legislature needs more working class representation. With a legislative body made up of business people and landlords, there’s a reason that the issues most important to Kansas workers are ignored to the benefit of those in power.

Some members of the legislature that do support pro-worker policies are unable to explain these policies in a meaningful way. This prevents more seats from being won by pro-worker legislators and prevents meaningful legislation from being passed. Taylor is running to bring effective, working class, policy focused representation to Topeka and ensure a prosperous future for all Kansans.



Phone: 561-267-0224

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